The Cvita — Farm Fresh Produce at the Dock

The Cvita moored at South Lake Union Park at the Wooden Boat Center is a floating store boat, a project of Farmboat. Its name is derived from the Croatian word for flower.  Its purpose is to offer local produce from local farms directly to the consumer through an old fashioned honor box. That’s right, produce is loaded periodically to allow patrons to stop by and choose what they need that day and pay at the colorful farmboat honor box nearby.

It operates as a roadside farmstand only in this case it is located on the waterfront!  The Cvita operated through this past fall with fresh pears, apples and squash from local farmers.  The honor box offers a good lesson for youth who frequent the Wooden Boat Center and demonstrates the values of honesty and integrity which were common amongst our earlier maritime settlers here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Cvita is stocked depending on weather conditions and farm produce availability.

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