What do You Think of our New Farmboat Boxes?

Our modest little October 13th dockside market at Lake Union Park was another success! Even more people showed up to enjoy the sights and take home nutricious foods on this bright sunny day. A subtle new development for this market was our traditional wood farm boxes which drew more attention then anticipated.
Farmboat Floating Market at Lake Union Park Seattle

The pine boxes were put together last week thanks to one of our in-kind trade sponsors Commercial Lumber Supply in Auburn. They sell packaging lumber and low cost cedar fencing and were willing to supply the lumber and space for us to build the boxes in trade for exposure on farmboat.org.

Our goal is to create a setting that is reminiscent of a classic European dockside market that you might find in Venice or the south of France. We try to avoid using the typical plastic containers and box-mart tables and tents that clutter the scenery at other farmers markets–making them look like little temporary strip malls.

As we develop the concept of classic dockside floating markets, we will continue to find old-world elements to include in our “show”. We are currently searching for classic wood and canvas market umbrellas for instance–I think a colorful array of large market umbrellas would be more attractive then tents. Something to look forward to for next spring perhaps!

Here are some more photos from last Wednesday’s market at Lake Union Park:
Lake Union Park Floating Market
Lake Unin Park Floating Market

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