Floating Market to Visit Lake Union Park in Downtown Seattle

What can be more Seattle than a floating farmers market? A century ago, local island farms delivered their goods by boat to ports around Puget Sound. Back then, there were no roads or highways—everything went by water.

Farmboat, a new organization dedicated to bringing back the ambiance of the old waterfront where people bought goods fresh of the boat, will be conducting its first floating “test” market event on the docks at Lake Union Park during October. The floating market is scheduled to run on Wednesdays from noon to 7 pm. There will be a half dozen antique wooden boats packed with local fall produce, crafts and foods.
More than just a farmers market, these community floating market events are planned to be educational and entertaining too. Sharing maritime heritage and supporting local sustainable food producers, the Farmboat floating markets will also have a focus on educating children (and parents) about healthy eating.

Farmboat is receiving widespread interest from port communities throughout the Puget Sound region since launching its new web site in June (www.farmboat.org). The Farmboat project was co-founded by Puget Sound Magazine (an online regional travel rag) and Cedar Wave Adventures by Sea (a classic yacht charter tour operator).

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