October 27th Fresh Sheet for Final Fall Lake Union Park Test Market

As I post this, It is hard to imagine that it is supposed to be a nice sunny day tomorrow like it has been for all our previous Floating Markets. But the weather report still hasn’t changed, it says tomorrow is going to be the only good day this week. So come on down for our last outdoor market for the season. (Don’t forget that we will be starting our indoor Winter Floating Market aboard the Virginia V on Thursdays starting November 11th). This will be your last chance to get some of the wonderful local fall crops you have been craving!

Here are some of the things we will have to offer from Maultby Farms, Full Circle Farms, Willowood Farms, and Growing Washington Farms:

    Apples Apple, Apples! – Spartan & Honey Crisp (One sweet, one tart)
    Comice Pears
    Curly Endive – Great on salads or in soups
    Treviso Radicchio – Very tasty in stir fry and soups
    Leeks – Please leave some for us to take home. This is one of my favorites when it is sautéed in olive oil.
    Yellow, White & Red Onions
    Dinosaur Kale -Blueish dark green – supper packed with nutrients!
    Baby Purple Bok Choy -How cute is that?!
    Celery Root -Yes, we know they are ugly. But they are so good! Be brave
    Rutabagaa traditional winter staple that keeps for months
    Roma Tomatoes
    French Fingerlings Potatoes
    CarrotsIf you are having trouble reading this, you really should be eating more of these!
    Patty Pan Squash (A summer squash that looks like little UFO’s)

Additionally, Cha Doya’s Garden will have fresh flowers and many gorgeous root vegetables, leeks, baby bok choy and pickling cucumbers.

Other Featured Items:
Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards will have a wide range of absolutely delicious hazelnuts seasoned and cured in a variety of ways.– These are so popular at local markets that they don’t have much left! and very healthy too!

Gourmet lavender products from Lavender Wind Farms will also be featured along with amazing McSweet olives.

See you at the market from noon till 6:00 PM at the North Sea Wall of Lake Union Park.

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