Eating Right Reduces Cancer Risk

According to the National Cancer Institute, not eating enough fruits and vegetables increases cancer risk. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Humans have been eating fruits and vegetables for millions of years. Our systems have evolved to depend on critical vitamins and nutrients delivered to our bodies through plant life. The symbiotic relationship that humans have had with plants through the millenniums has rapidly diminished in just a few decades–displaced by processed “filler” foods that provide an artificial means of pleasure and the illusion of fulfillment.

Processed foods that are artificially enriched with synthetic vitamins are not the same thing as natural foods. Arguably, they could often be chemically similar to nature, but their lab-engineered structure (and delivery method) is often much different from what nature intended. Vitamin enriched processed foods may be insufficient to fight cancer in comparison to natural sources. Synthetic nutrition to date generally has not been able to mimic what nature created over the millenniums. The rate and depth of vitamin absorption for instance make the body’s ability to utilize synthetics less effective.

“Poor diet, physical inactivity, and overweight/obesity may account for about 25–30 percent of several of the major cancers in the United States” — according to the National Cancer Institute.

Displacing nature food sources with inferior substitutes starves the body of nutrients and subsequently induces hunger. A large portion of the American diet today consists of junk filler foods loaded with empty calories and toxins. Despite an enormous increase in food consumption, most people do not eat enough of the important stuff that fights off cancer.

If the thought of dealing with cancer frightens you (as it should), than here is what you can do starting NOW!

1.) Go through you fridge, cupboard and pantry and toss all those brightly colored packages of cereal, cookies, crackers, soda, chips, candy bars and the like into the trash can. If it’s got a loud colorful label with cute cartoon characters and a long ingredient list of chemicals and sugar toss it and don’t look back.

2.) Eliminate all the above from your grocery list and replace it with real fruits and vegetables. It will take time to ween off of the addictive hyper-flavors of junk food, but you will soon find that your taste buds will adjust back to normal and healthy foods will taste even more appealing.

3.) Block out convenient fast food restaurants from your mind. They are now just undesirable wads of plastic and tin alonside the road of life. Pack yourself a lunch with good quality natural foods instead.

4.) Quite smoking, excessive drinking or recreational drug use. It’s just stupid if you want to live a healthy life.

5.) Do your own research. Learn all you can about how to eat healthy.

If these things seem too difficult or you feel that you don’t have time to eat right, just ask anyone suffering from cancer and the effort required to change your lifestyle will probably seem insignificant to the suffering they endure.

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