Farmboat Floating Market Fresh Sheet: Oct. 13, 2010

As we gear up for the 2nd test market, Wednesday, October 13th from noon-7pm at Lake Union Park–it looks like it will be another beautiful day–we wanted to update you on what we’ll have available! Scroll through all the fabulous products to find out what you can buy. You can also see photos of last week’s market on our Facebook Page. While you’re there, feel free to enter our apple contest (what would you do with a dozen apples?).

Speaking of contests….If you’re heading to the market, be sure to bring along your camera–and stay tuned to this space to learn more!

Fresh at Farmboat Floating Market: 10/13/2010

Seattle Pie Company will be serving their fresh pies

Artisan food products from McSweet including, but not limited to, olives

From Lavender Wind Farm on Whidbey Island, will be a variety of lavender based products, such as lavender blueberry jam, teas, herbs, lemon-lavender shortbread mix.

Also from Whidbey are the teas, fragrant sachets and potpourri, dried figs and mangoes from A Knot in Thyme.

From Cha Doya’s Garden:
variety of beets
bok choy
Chinese greens

Vegetables: From Full Circle Farm,
Growing Washington, Marshland Orchards, and Whistling Train Farm

Winter Squash (several varieties)
Butternut Squash
Super Sweet Corn
Celery Root
Swiss Chard
Gourmet Potatoes
Yellow Carrots
Spaghetti Squash
Yellow Zucchini
Hot Peppers
Brussels Sprouts
and more…

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