Contribute to the Farmboat Heritage Cookbook:
Do You Have a Great Recipie for Local Vegies or Seafood?

We are working on a cookbook to show people how to cook local Northwest foods. The book will be provided to our members as well as the general public through our floating farmers market events and website. The Farmboat Heritage Cookbook will accompany us on our mission to re-establish traditional maritime trade routes on Puget Sound while teaching people about healthy local eating.

The purpose of this book is to build awareness for highly nutritious and sustainable foods grown around Puget Sound. Local farms grow an amazing variety of produce, yet many people have no idea of how to prepare things like celery root, radicchio or kale. Local fishermen supply a vast array of seafood from spot prawns and salmon to many species of oysters and mussels. However, many people only dare to order such delicacies in restaurants.

Eating healthy is the single most important factor in prolonging life and fighting diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Our goal is to increase consumption of healthy local foods and decrease the desire for processed junk food by making local foods more familiar, more appealing and easier to cook. The Farmboat Heritage Cookbook will feature hundreds of recipes, nutritional tidbits and information about local farms — including their location, what they grow and when they grow it. We will also provide details about local fishermen and seafood harvesters and explain their seasons.

Additionally, we will tell a fascinating story of how early Northwest farmers and fishermen utilized the amazing waterways of Puget Sound before roads existed. This book will undoubtedly be a fusion of influences from Native American, Scandinavian, Croatian, German, Portuguese, Italian, Asian and other cultures who settled in the Puget Sound Region.

We are in search for local family recipes and stories to go along with them. If you have a recipe to share, get it to us and tell your story. It may be included in our book.

We don’t have a release date yet, but do let us know if you are interested in acquiring a copy of your own.

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