Maritime Folk Music Adding Character to Floating Markets

Maritime Folk Music at Farmboat Floating Market

Maritime folk music singer Chris Roe performed last week at the Farmboat Lake Union Park Floating Market with accompaniments by David Perasso. Her charismatic voice carried the sounds of ancient mariners and their stories of the sea. The casual dockside setting with the old boats in the background and cargo on the dock made for an inviting presentation to entertain and teach both young and old about local maritime heritage.

Farmboat plans to create an inviting venue for maritime performers at future events next year. Maritime folk music and sea shanties were an integral part of the early 20th century life in port towns around the Northwest. The combination of fresh local foods, island crafts and music is designed to draw crowds at waterfront venues around the region. Farmboat is developing floating market events such as this to raise awareness for healthy eating, support of local businesses and to promote sustainable use of coastal resources.

Farmboat hopes to gain the support of waterfront communities from Olympia to Bellingham. The Floating Market program promises to help re-connect regional ports to rural island and peninsula communities by fostering local trade.

Chris Roe’s CD “A Round for the Company” is available through For more information about local maritime folk music performers, visit

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